Our staff is made up of highly qualified technicians and engineers who are able to provide "turnkey" products that are suitable for any kind of feasibility analysis during testing before start-up of production as well as an after-sale support service.

Our company provides its customers with a complete high quality service that consists of the following work phases:

Designing and testing:

  • Analysis of the production requirements
  • Learning the required technologies and/or the technologies that are used by the customer   
  • Any alternative proposals by providing different solutions 
  • Defining the development specifications of the project
  • Uniting the Selettra standards to the customer's own standards
  • Develop a hardware project on CAD and have it approved by the customer
  • Develop a software project and have it approved by the customer
  • Pre-testing at our workshop or on the premises indicated by the customer (FAT) before delivering the product to the end user
  • Issuing the documentation relating to the manuals and tests on paper and/or electronically


Manufacturing the panels:

  • A rational arrangement of the components (which is already defined in the designs)
  • Thermal checks
  • Equipment cables in accordance with the required regulations: CE (European), UL (American), CSA (Canadian), ATEX (European regulations for areas at risk of Fire and Explosions) or any other specification that is provided by the customer
  • The product is certified in accordance with the required regulations
  • Checks and tests (dielectric strength, insulation, continuity and residual tension) with equipment that is regularly SIT calibrated, in accordance with the IEC EN60204-1 and EN60439-1 regulations: including test and certification printouts
  • A "trial" hardware and software pre-test (with the customer upon request) 
  • Special packaging for shipping (upon request)


Manufacturing the systems:

  • Discuss the project design with the final customer
  • Installation of pipes and conducts with our own equipment
  • Setting the cables, connections and grounding of the utilities for the equipment and structures 
  • Checks with or without voltage
  • Manufacturing the system in accordance with the required standards and certificates
  • Preventive function tests of the utilities
  • Managing the work


Tests and start-up:

  • Test the system without products (whenever possible) and subsequently start-up with products
  • Start-up and system assistance during production
  • Customer assistance and support in case changes are made to existing systems
  • Training the personnel so that it can manage the company processes autonomously 


Quick pit-stop operations:

  • On site interventions soon after a request (customers who sign the periodical service contract will have priority over others) 
  • Phone consultation / assistance
  • Phone assistance

Additional services:

  • Preventive maintenance planning 
  • Review and update the machines and systems of customers
  • Replacement parts are available in our warehouse 
  • Rent equipment to test the systems at the customer's work place


SELETTRA assists its customers by studying and analyzing their multiple demands in detail and by providing "turnkey" systems and automated installations. 
The main objectives of SELETTRA have always focused on high product quality, innovative services and speedy service operations.  These unique characteristics continuously contribute to the optimization of the level of professionalism offered.


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